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Beyond the Alchemy:

Going beyond the alchemy we've harnessed the latest research, and data from 500,000 crowdfunds, to understand the "chemical reactions" that power this engine of change, and created a new framework and methodology to harness those reactions, alone and in combination with other funding models, creating new routes for funding.

WHY and HOW it Works - And What YOU CAN Do!

When you're told WHAT (and what not) to do you can do it, until something unexpected happens, or goes awry. If you know WHY and HOW it work - you can combine, plan, plot and re-plot your path confident you have the flexibility to grasp new opportunities and deal with 'events'.

Until now most crowdfunding 'wisdom' has been little more than hints, tips and folk-wisdom. Taking an evidence-driven analytical approach this conference will reveal the key drives and driver and how to harness them, alone and in concert with more traditional funding and finance.

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"Congratulations on hosting such a fantastic, thought provoking, event. It was a great line up of speakers and I am sure that you and the team were delighted with the outcome."

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"Well done - it was such a great event, with some stellar speakers, and a really great audience."

Adrian Oldman, Director, The Quiet Agency

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic event. I'm really impressed at the quality of speaker and the size of audience."

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"Well done on a fine event again."

Jonathan Bould, Funding Manager, Welsh Government

"Excellent workshop on #crowdfunding courtesy of @TheTSF team. Found a few more bio-businesses on new equity and reward platforms raising capital"

Patrick McCarthy, Director, CGPL Consulting

"I congratulate you on a really interesting and information packed conference yesterday. The speakers were a good choice especially the way they tackled the issues and the way forward should/will be Crowd Funding/Peer to Peer Lending."

Harvy Sandhu, Unity Trust Bank

"Well done for a great conference! "

Simon Dixon, BankToTheFuture

"I really must compliment you on a brillant conference yesterday. There was a very high degree of engagement and having an “Angel” presentation as a counterpoint was inspired."

David Hoare, DJH Associates

Speakers / Programme

  • Speakers and Panelists
  • Sarah Warman

    Task Force; Commander in Chief, BrewDog plc


    Scottish startup craft brewery BrewDog is now the country's biggest independent brewer having raised in excess of £26m through four rounds of crowdfunding.

    The craft beer anarchist who has amassed more than 46,000 investors across the planet, now exports to 55 countries, run 44 bars and is now establishing a brewing operation in Ohio says it could have sold it's soul to countless devils in order to become the most popular craft brewery in the UK - but instead turned to its community which provided the company with an international army of Equity Punks who have put their money where their mouth is, invested in the business for ~£95 a pop, and become their brand ambassadors, around the world.

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  • Kathleen Minogue

    Crowdfund Better

    Kathleen Minogue is a U.S. based crowdfunding strategist, educator and speaker who assists entrepreneurs, creatives and nonprofits in using crowdfunding to attain their financial, marketing and business goals.

    She is particularly focused on utilizing crowdfunding to encourage economic development and job creation, especially for women and minorities, and has worked alongside project creators on platforms ranging from Kickstarter and Indiegogo to niche platforms like Seed&Spark and Community Funded.

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  • Barry James

    Founder of DeepImpact Conferences & TheCrowdfundingCenter

    Instigateur, Connector, Writer, Speaker, Visionary Innovator, Visiting-Fellow, Commentator on #Fintech #Crowdfunding #Entrepreneurship

    As founder of TheCrowdfundingCenter and TheCrowdDataCenter and author of upcoming book 'New Routes To Funding: Crowdfunding Businesses', Barry is a serial entrepreneur, business mentor and consultant who’s ‘seen it all’ when it comes to investments, from both sides of the table, as well as being an acknowledged authority speaking and writing around the world on crowdfunding, fintech and alternative finance.

  • Bill Morrow


    Bill started his life as an accountant with Virgin, then moved into investment banking. He set up an international financial recruitment company which he sold to a Wall Street Bank in 2001.

    Determined to lend a hand to small businesses, he co-founded Angels Den in 2007. In 2015, he was named the most influential figure in alternative finance by City AM.

  • Simon Clegg

    Editor of CrowdfundVibe, Founder of Fundanomic

  • Michelle Rodger

    Tartan Cat

    Michelle is founder and ‘Top Cat’ at Tartan Cat Communications – specialising in communications and crowdfunding.

    At Tartan Cat, Michelle develops and delivers social media and communication strategies and campaigns for a variety of companies from the corporate and financial sector through to new business start-ups, as well as crowdfund marketing strategies and support.

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  • Tim Wright


    A respected and sought after speaker, presenter, writer and commentator Tim has anchored and keynoted events around the world.

    Tim has worked as a consultant, practitioner and senior manager with a number of global commercial organisations including Egon Zehnder International and McKinsey & Co. For five years he was part of the executive management team of ITI Scotland – a £500M innovation programme based around a highly collaborative open innovation model.

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  • More Speakers and Panelists To Be Announced

    The Full event programme is currently being finalised and more will be announced soon.

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